Care Management FAQs

My siblings and I live out of state and mom seem to be struggling with dad’s dementia and her own health issues.  They say they want to stay in their home but we are not sure if it is the best option.  They have agreed to meet with someone to discuss options – can you help? 
Yes!  As Aging Life Care Professionals, we offer a comprehensive assessment that takes the person-centered approach by meeting with your parents and looking at who they are:  financially; physically; spiritually; and medically.  Based on the information gathered we provide realistic written recommendations around their living options including pricing and resources.  

We had an Assessment completed with you and now wish to move forward with your suggestions.  Can we hire you to coordinate their care?
Absolutely!  We can work with you and your family for all or any part of the recommendations.  We charge an hourly rate which is billed in 15-minute increments.  

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My father is in the hospital unexpectedly and my mother cannot be left alone due to her medical issues.   They are each other’s Power of Attorney’s but Mom is unable to make decisions around my father’s care.   Can you help?
No one wants to find themselves in this situation and yes, we can help!   Aging Life Care Professionals offer crisis intervention when it is needed, helping clients navigate through emergency departments and hospitalizations, rehabilitation stays, and ensuring that adequate care is available to the client. For families that live at a distance, this can be a much-needed emergency contact.

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'I am very happy with Age at Home. What sets them apart is their care! Their attention to detail! Their outstanding commitment and dedication to the aging community they serve! They actually listen and validate what their caregivers have to say, their concerns and observations and act on it!! In the best interest of the clients they serve.They want to deliver the best possible care for the aging population they serve and when necessary make extra visits as well as keep everyone well informed. What sets them apart? This is not just a job to the people working at Age at Home, it is their passion, genuine commitment and life's work!'
Sandy B.