What our Caregivers have to say about Age at Home


I love the staff and the clients that I work with daily.  We really are a team and care deeply about our clients. I love to hear my clients tell me about their life before I met them. Their stories are so interesting and I learn a lot from them. Going on adventures with them is always fun.  Being there for them at this point in their life is so rewarding. I can't imagine working anywhere else.

-Diane C.

I love working at Age at Home. From the Admins to the Caregivers and right to the Clients. Everyone is so caring, thoughtful, and respectful. Caring for people is in my DNA and I couldn't have picked a better place to do this.

-Joanne P.

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I absolutely love Age at Home! I don’t think I could pick one reason, there are many! Support - not only do they support the needs of our clients but they support their team of caregivers. They provide training, both online and in person. When you become a caregiver with Age at Home you become family. Clients are matched to caregivers, you’re not just thrown into a situation that is destined to fail. They want to help their staff succeed. They have flexible hours and know the importance of work/family balance. I have been with them for almost three years. I am always made to feel appreciated. I could go on but I would need to start a new chapter!

-Jen C.

The staff at Age At Home are some of the MOST supportive people that I have ever met! I love the scheduling flexibility and the relationships that I have with our clients! It really doesn’t feel like “work” at all!

-Martine D.

I love working at Age at Home because of the variety of people I service. I also feel recognized & listened to by management. This is so important to me that management really listens & hears us. They are always successful in providing caregivers needs. Age at Home goes out of their way to please our clients, provide for all clients needs & ensure safety for our clients as well as the caregivers. This is by far, the best company to work for. I am very grateful to be a part of it.

-Susan O.

Age at Home is a fantastic place to work with fantastic people and I feel very appreciated in what I do for work. Kudos to all of you who have been there for me since the beginning. I'm definitely feeling more at home every day.

-Heather B.

A wonderful place to work. Love my job, the clients, and all the staff!!!!

-Joanne P.

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I love Age at Home because of the compassion all of the bosses have for the staff as well as for people we care for. Not many companies put the staff first but here definitely does. They also care deeply for the people we look after as well. Age at Home is the perfect place to work with many opportunities. It’s fun and the environment here is such a positive and warm welcoming energy.

-Ashley P.

I love working with Age at Home because I love making my clients feel heard and understood. When I end my day with a smile on their face it fills my heart with joy that I made a difference for them even just for a day.

-Monica P.

I love the ladies who run the organization - super cool women!

-Carrie B.

A few reasons why I like working for Age at Home would be that I can create my own work schedule which is extremely helpful for me (a full time college student). I also love my clients and their families they’re so welcoming and kind! After my shifts I feel it’s so rewarding to be able to help and be company for my clients!

-Mikaela H.

I love that there is true and sincere support from the office staff. They really are as amazing as they seem upon first impressions. 

-Meagan T.

Working for Age at Home has been a great experience! The ladies work around my schedule since I work a separate full-time job, offer trainings on an easily accessible app, and pair you with other caregivers to help train you. The communication is excellent and everyone is very friendly!

-Rebecca T.

Out of anywhere I've worked, you guys [at Age at Home] have been the nicest, and most flexible and understanding! 

-Brooke R.

What I love most about working for Age at Home is the positive community I am a part of. I get to meet many wonderful people, who become more than just clients. They become friends. It makes my heart happy to be able to make a difference in someone’s life. The Age at Home community has certainly made the light shine in my life.

-Heather T.

I like the passion for caring that we provide not only to our clients but to our teammates as well. 

-Michele O.

What I like about Age at Home is the support and full circle communication - you’re never alone. 

-Rebecca K.

Age at Home is locally owned by a caring professional, not an out-of-state conglomerate. The caring and supportive office staff responds quickly to client issues. They even have an after-hours assistance line. There are plenty of assignments due to the company’s excellent reputation, and they do their best to match me with clients in my travel area. They offer professional supportive paid training through easy-to-access online courses. Once you sign on with Age at Home you will never want to change agencies or "retire"... flexible hours, bright and fun workers, and clients who really need you! 

-Anne M.

By far, the best job ever! And the best people and most of all the best clients! I love my job at Age at Home!!

-Kathy P.

I  love working for Age at Home because they really do care, when I have concerns I know I can call and someone will answer almost immediately. That is so important, and if I feel I’m not getting along with a client they will get me another one, or a client that suits my needs. I can honestly say that Age at Home is the best agency, for me anyway, and I know because I have worked for other agencies as well. And everyone wants to help you no matter what to get the best for you and your client. It’s a pleasure. And I feel I am truly a part of a team.

-Martha C.

Hearing stories of our client’s experiences is always interesting. Plus it is all the dynamic activities and knowing that it is an appreciated service that makes the work rewarding. 

-Isaac R.

I started working for Age at Home because I wanted to use my skills as a caregiver in the home setting. I still work for Age at Home because of the caring management team and the amazing people who have let me into their lives to allow them to stay at home. I am given free flexibility to work the hours I want and always feel supported with any concerns that may arise.

-Libby S.

I am very happy with Age at Home. What sets them apart is their care! Their attention to detail! Their outstanding commitment and dedication to the aging community they serve! They actually listen and validate what their caregivers have to say, their concerns and observations and act on it!! In the best interest of the clients they serve.They want to deliver the best possible care for the aging population they serve and when necessary make extra visits as well as keep everyone well informed. What sets them apart?  This is not just a job to the people working at Age at Home, it is their passion, genuine commitment and life's work!

-Sandy B.

I love how much Age at Home shows their appreciation for me. It doesn’t matter if I work one shift or 100 shifts, you guys show your appreciation, regardless! I love that I can work as little or as much as I want, without worrying about someone getting upset with me, or pressuring me to do a shift I can’t do. I’ve never worked at a place where all of the office staff are so kind, considerate, and happy to be there. I’m super happy to work here and feel so appreciated!

-Lynn N.

I love working for Age at Home because first of all I love the older adults that have my heart! Second, Age at Home works with you. I'm a single mother and I can only work certain hours. I always was so afraid of not finding a job that worked with my schedule, but they sure do. They’re amazing! Love my Age at Home team! 

-Meagan D.

I’ve had great experiences with clients I’ve cared for. Every time I am in a person’s home, I apply the care and consideration that I would expect for my own beloved parents/grandparents and I believe that allows me to do my best in many different situations. When I compare this job to past caregiving jobs I’ve had, the biggest difference is that now, I can honestly say that the administration at Age At Home is top notch and they are accommodating to staff wants and needs. Not only are they professional, they are friendly, follow their mission, and I have always felt supported. My mental wellness has improved greatly since becoming an Age At Home employee and I am very thankful!

-Lindsey M.

What I love about Age at Home is that people listen! At age at home they genuinely care about the people they care for with compassion & empathy. We need to draw a great big heart around each and every person who works at Age at Home. For  them, it is not a job but a calling to care for others. Ultimately their genuineness and their love! 

-Sandy B.

What I LIKE about Age at Home is that they go to great lengths to accommodate my schedule. No other employer has been this understanding about my family/school commitments. I tell them when I’m available, and they find clients for those times. What I LOVE about Age at Home is having a greater sense of purpose in life by helping others. I go to work everyday knowing I am making a difference in someone’s life. I come home from work having learned some kind of life lesson. There are no boring days. 

-Christine L.

I’ve been employed with Age at Home for about a month now. I absolutely love this company! I recommend it for people who need care and people who want to help people! I’ve never felt so happy at a job like this, and especially right away. It’s incredible! The staff is absolutely amazing! I can’t say enough how helpful, understanding, patient, and more amazing qualities! Such great bosses! You definitely want to work here or get care through this company!

-Ashley M.

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'I like the passion for caring that we provide not only to our clients but to our teammates as well.'
Michele O.