Homecare Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for services?
We take private pay, long term care insurance and grants through Service Link. An itemized invoice is sent to you on a monthly basis. You have the option to sign up for automatic debit or send a check in upon receipt of invoice. 

What areas do you service? 
We cover the Greater Concord area in addition to towns along the 89 corridor and up 93 towards the Lakes Region. 

I have a Long-Term Care Policy but I’m not sure how to get it started. Can you help with this? 
Yes, we can help you with getting the initial claim paperwork completed. Once you have been approved, we will send the caregiver notes and invoice directly to the insurance company so you don’t have to. We also have an RN who can provide oversight if the policy requires that. 

Are your employees insured and bonded?
Yes, all employees are insured and bonded. They are also required to have 100/300 liability insurance on their vehicles. 

How do you hire the caregivers that work for Age at Home? 
Our employees are hired based on personality. They are all caring, courteous in nature, committed to care and eager to help. Every employee goes through a criminal background check, reference checks, Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services check, health screening and TB test. Age at Home has an extensive training program which includes a mix of in person learning and over 700 online courses. We assess their skill level and match them to an appropriate client after they have finished their orientation. Once matched they are trained specifically to that client’s needs and expectations. We have an RN who oversees our Licensed Nursing Assistants.

Do you have a minimum number of hours per visit? 
Yes, in Concord our minimum is 2 hours. Outside of Concord is generally a 3-hour minimum depending on location.  

How does the schedule work? 
Our services are flexible and can be arranged for as little as a few hours a week to as many as 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. You would let us know what your ideal schedule is and we would work towards fulfilling that. Once the schedule is in place, you can expect to have the same caregiver/s on a weekly basis for consistency and to build rapport. 

Do I have to commit to a certain number of hours per week and is there a cancellation policy? 
No, there is no requirement on how often you need to use our services. We have some clients that use us as little as a few hours once a month. If you need to cancel services, we do have a 24hour cancellation policy to cancel or shorten a shift. 

Can your caregiver help with medications?
Our caregivers are not allowed to handle medications but they can assist with medication reminders, picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy and helping to keep track of refills. 

What does light housekeeping entail? 
We can help you maintain your home by keeping up with light housekeeping tasks such as changing the bed linens, laundry, wiping down counters, taking out the trash, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom.  We do not deep clean by scrubbing floors, clean ovens, windows, full refrigerator clean out, move furniture, flip mattresses, get up on ladders or do any heavy lifting. Light housekeeping is done in addition to other tasks like companionship, making meals or running errands and is not meant to be the entire focus. 

Can you provide transportation? 
Yes, the caregiver can drive the client in their vehicle or their own. If the caregiver is driving the client’s vehicle, the vehicle must be in good working order, insured with 100/300 liability insurance and inspected. If the client is riding in the caregiver’s vehicle, the client will be charged mileage based on the current IRS reimbursement rate. 

I’d like to be able to see what the caregiver did while they were at my mother’s home. Can we read their documentation? 
Yes, we have an online platform called Family Connect that you can access in real time. The caregiver will check off what activities they did during their shift and leave a brief note on how the day went. We can also customize questions specific around the care needs if there are certain tasks you would like reported on. Also, if there is a change in status for example a fall, or increased confusion, the system will alert the office (during business hours) so we can follow up with caregiver to make sure appropriate action has been taken. During non-business hours, if there was an emergency, the caregiver would call our on-call manager and we would contact the family immediately.  

How do I go about getting services started?
Just give us a call us to set up a free assessment! We will come out to your home and discuss what type of services you are looking for, the schedule that would work best for you and learn more about you so we can match you with an appropriate caregiver. We are aware you have choices and if you do decide to choose us, we are committed to keeping your trust through excellent service.  

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Heather T.